QUESTIONS (and Answers)

Can I watch?

I welcome the opportunity for the client to be present during the Inspection. It's a great opportunity for communicating regarding any issues that may be discovered.

What gets inspected?

Foundation, Grading & Drainage, Interior doors, walls, Ceilings, Floors, Exterior walls and doors, Windows and door glazing, Fireplace and chimney, Roof, Roof Structure and attic, Porches, Balconies and decks, Built -in Appliances, Heating, Cooling and Vent Systems, Plumbing Supply & Drains, Water Heating System, Electrical system.

Why can't I do my own inspection?

The Texas Real Estate Commission regulates Home Inspections, the inspection report procedure and format, Home Inspectors education, qualifications and licensing. In essence, all aspects of the Home Inspection process where it pertains to any Real Estate contract or sale. There have been many attempts by various third party organizations to develop check-lists and similar tools for home-owners desiring to do their own inspections. These check-lists are general in content, and often times vague, and therefore not useful to a home-owner who is not familiar with construction practices and materials, code compliance, or inspection techniques and training which enable a certified inspector to find deficiencies, which may otherwise go unnoticed until they worsen into a huge safety or expense issue.

How long does it take?

A normal inspection on an average 3 or 4 bedroom home will usually take 3-4 hours. The time can be affected by age of the home, accessibility to areas like the attic or crawl space, and general condition of the home and installed systems.

Who sees the inspection report?

The client who paid for the service and receives the report, as the
Inspection Report is the result of a paid contract between the Inspector and the Client.

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